Photograph by Sasha Hill

I am a twenty-something-year-old writer who has lived in four states and counting. At the moment, I’m interested in cultural identity, the urgency of living in this era we call the Anthropocene, climate change, and the disconnect between humanity and the landscapes we claim. When I’m not writing, you can find me voraciously seeking out new books, films, and television shows.

In 2017, I graduated summa cum laude from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, with a degree in creative writing in the poetry and nonfiction tracks. As part of my senior thesis, I published my first writing collection, titled In The Nucleus.

As May 2020, I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the California Institute of the Arts. There, I developed my current project, an ecological short story collection, including a novella about the Chisos Mountains of West Texas. I’ve been continually enchanted by the regions in which I’ve lived and struck by how vibrant and alive they are. In our current industrial age of chopped-down rainforests and contaminated water wells, it’s easy to feel disconnected from nature and like we’ve never been farther from the natural world. I understand that, but nature doesn’t have to be something separate from our manmade world. Even when we are reckless and destructive, we are still a part of the natural world.

I aim to prove that there is still beauty to be found even in an oil-drenched coastline. Maybe we have done irreversible damage to the world we live in, but there still remains something extraordinary to be found all around us. We see the damage, we grieve what is lost, and then we let ourselves be re-enchanted by what is still here.

I am passionate about publishing, elevating underrepresented voices, interdisciplinary art practices, literature, transparency, education, and empowering youth and persons in underprivileged positions. I work from a place of curiosity; I love learning new skills and opportunities for growth.