coffee creates drama where there is none

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'Caffeine is life' seems to be the modern college kid motto. Having come from a coffee-loving family, Ashley was already accustomed to a daily cup by the time she started college. As a film major, caffeine became an essential part of her routine, drinking up to six cups a day, two of would include an espresso shot. “It came to the point where I couldn’t function without caffeine in my system,” she explains. “I automatically got… withdrawals if I didn’t have caffeine.” Since then, Ashley has cut back, now drinking only two cups of coffee a day, three at the most. This is a cautionary tale that every coffee fiend may one day live out, despite our certainty that surely, it can never happen to us. #thatcoffeelife #aka #themodernlifeofacollegestudent #weeklyassignment

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