unexpected treasure

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Tucked away in tree branches, just high enough to strike an unsuspecting human in the forehead — the curve of ridged yellow glass, strung up between red buds blooming in the lower branches, swaying with every strong gust of wind. I lay on concrete below, safe, watching the charm above as it shudders, and it’s all foreground-midground-background from right here, a book balanced in too-weak arms to block the sun, then my leg kicked up over a knee, finally settling into the distant sight of bees dipping in and out of the rash of blooms in the tree. This position is great for cloud-watching, but painful to read in, so I roll over, sun my back instead, play the lizard for a few minutes and doze, stretch my toes out from shadow into a ray of light. Turning my head, the refracted sunlight astonishes the ground, astonishes me, as above the charm slowly spins, leaving a pinwheel of yellow on the dirt not three inches from my right hand. #weeklyassignment #sunbathing #spring

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